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100% Free Marketing On Facebook Using a Facebook Fan Page

Posted By: Ayrshire Seo Company at Tue, 14/06/2011No Comments

Marketing on Facebook with a Custom Facebook Fan Page

I’d like to start off this post by telling you that most businesses really do this all wrong. They get it wrong by simply adding their company details to a bog standard Facebook Profile page instead of having a custom Facebook Fan Page. In the picture below this is depicted by Option 1.

advantages of custom facebook fan pages

Whereas Option 2 depicts the correct way to market your business on Facebook with a proper Custom Facebook Fan Page that will provide your business with new customers day in and day out.

Big Companies are Switching to Facebook

Have you been noticing recently when watching the adverts on TV how certain national companies are no longer advertising their website addresses, but advertising their Facebook Fan Page Addresses, instead! That intrigued me for a while until I realised why they where spending their advertising budgets to promote their seemingly worthless social media profiles. After all, when you think about it. It ain’t cheap to advertise on the TV, one advert during a primetime show can cost thousands of pounds.

I found out the answer, and here it is…

Below is a screenshot from Tetley Tea’s Facebook Fan Page.

If you look to the bottom left you will see they have around 47,000 people who have liked them on Facebook. So, what’s the big deal about that? Well what that actually means is this, when someone Likes your page on Facebook, it automatically allows you to post messages on the Likers Wall posts. Which is 100% Free Marketing for the company or individual who owns the Liked Page. Best part of this whole thing is this, the marketing is 100% FREE and 100% LEGIT as the Liker through Facebook’s own policies has agreed to allow you to send messages to and post to their Wall by clicking on the Like button in the first place.

I’m sure your thinking “Well, that’s great! Everyone knows that Facebook is smoking hot right now, but how do I harness this advertising goldmine for my Local Business”?

How do you get New Customers From Facebook

So how does Local Bricks and Mortar Businesses get new Customers and Clients from Facebook for their Businesses for FREE effectively? And that there my friend is the key word “effectively”!

Let me take you on a journey, the self same journey that¬† your future client’s are going to tread, if you set it up right. You see the power comes from a little innocent looking button on Facebook, the LIKE button. If you can get people to push that little button on Facebook you can forget about ever paying for Yellow Pages or Newspaper Classified Listings ever again. As I mentioned earlier about the fact that Facebook is smoking hot right now, in fact it gets more visitors daily than Google and YouTube combined.

Can you just imagine having the power to connect Facebook’s local audience in your business area to your business in an innocent and and trusted manner through your business profile page on Facebook. That’s very powerful right there… You see 99% of Facebook Users percieve all dealings on Facebook to be innocent and trusted, when they see marketing messages from the pages they have Liked they trust them and don’t even consider them to be marketing messages at all.

The two main reasons that large companies have switched to this new method of marketing on Facebook is firstly this innocence and trust element of getting their marketing message out there. the other is the fact that the average Facebook user logs into their account twice a day to read wall posts from family and friends. Guess what else they are reading unwittingly, you guessed it marketing messages from their Liked pages. Truth be told Tetley Tea’s Fan Page that I showed you earlier, with it’s palty 47,000 Likes is small time in Facebook terms. Just one of Starbucks Fan Pages on Facebook has been Liked just under 23 MILLION times. That gives Starbucks the ability to post their messages on almost 23 MILLION Walls within the Facebook community. Are beginning to see why Big Companies are turning their attention to Facebook.

Ok, you are probably thinking by now, how do I get my slice of this MASSIVE social marketing opportunity for my Business. I’m sure you probably can’t afford to advertise your business profile page on TV. And even if you could, how would you entice your visitors to click your Like button in the first place.

Build a Facebook Business Profile Page

To begin to market on Facebook, first you need to set it up right by having a Facebook Business Profile Page instead of a Personal Profile Page. Or, you can have your Business Profile Page connected to your Personal Profile Page, either way works. Once set up, you or your webmaster can add a Facebook LIKE button linked to your Facebook Business Profile on the Home Page of your Website. At least in that way you are letting your existing customers and any future customers you are on Facebook and providing them a way to Like your Facebook Fan Page. That’s a start… but it doesn’t really unleash the full potential of Facebook for your Business. Most local businesses have their Facebook Fan Page set up just like this and are totally getting it all wrong. What is needed is an interactive custom built Facebook Fan Page that will entice and interact with your target market and force them to Like your Facebook Fan Page and share it with their family and friends in the Facebook comunity.

Custom Built Facebook Fan Page

Below you will see what a custom built Facebook Fan Page actually looks like:

facebook fan pageThis is a custom built 3 page Facebook Fan Page which is designed with one goal in mind to entice your visitor to Like your Facebook Fan Page and share it with others. On the first page we are offering an incentive of a free downloadable gift if your visitor Likes your page. The next page entices your visitor to share your fan page with their friends and family on Facebook. And finally on the last page your visitor can get their free download.

Marketing tactics like these can turn an ordinary Business Profile on Facebook into a viral Social Marketing Powerhouse, overnight… and this is example just one of the many tactics you can use to solicit more Likes and Shares for your Business Facebook Fan Page. There are tons more… coupons, cool videos, audio recordings, vouchers, money off… basically anything for FREE, but has value to your target market and will have them desperate to Like your fan page and Sharing with their friends on Facebook.

What’s really cool… notice the 2nd page in our example the Share with your family and friends part. This is where your marketing can go up a level and go viral sending your marketing super nova with your Facebook Fan Page speading through the Facebook Community like a disease appearing on thousands of Facebook users Walls.

The diagram below portrays what can happen everytime someone clicks on your Like button and then Shares with their friends on Facebook:

facebook fan page goes viral

As you can see from the diagram when one person clicks Like and Shares with their friends, then they click Like and Share with their friends and so on and so on. With the right offer or inentive in place your Facebook Fan Page can take off virally sending you hundreds or even thousands of new followers and potential clients for your business every single day on complete autopilot 100% FREE!

Are you beginning to see why Big Companies are ditching Yellow Pages, Advertising their Web Addresses on TV commercials and instead focusing their resources on their Facebook Fan Page.

To briefly return to our Starbucks example, anytime Starbucks’ wants to market or promote something on their Facebook Wall. That same marketing message is posted on 23 MILLION other Walls within the Facebook Community all 100% Free and 100% Legit. Can you imagine the impact that could have on your own business even in a lot smaller scale.

As an example: We have a Real Estate Broker who has 5,000 people who has Liked their Facebook Fan Page, whenever he has a new house listing, he posts the details, photos and particulars of the new listing on his Wall which also gets posted on 5,000 Walls automatically. Do you think this Realtor sells more houses? You bet he does!

The Bottom Line

No matter which sector of business you are in, you really need to start thinking about ditching those expensive Yellow Page Listings, Radio Adverts, Newspaper Classifieds and start focusing on what the new trends in marketing actually are. The big companies are just getting started, you can get your foot in the door and not only beat out your own local competitors to the punchline, but the big companies at the same time.

The time to take action is now, before your competitors do!!

Ayrshire Seo Company can design, build and install your Business’ Custom Facebook Fan Page from hundreds of unique designs from the ground up uniquely suited to your Business needs. We are not a faceless organisation and we work with you at a local level to ensure you get the right advice on your unique marketing message that will convert the casual looky-loo user on Facebook to a raving fan who will happily Like and Share your page with other Facebook users.

The cost is only ¬£87 one time fee and remember once set up that is all you will ever need to pay. There are no ongoing charges from Facebook… and remember Ayrshire Seo Company is a local company who will work closely with your business to ensure that you get the right incentive and marketing message to start your viral Facebook Marketing to elevate your business to new heights.

In marketing you can never stand still or your competition will gain a foothold and blow you out of the water.

facebook fan page buy now

Payment is processed via Paypal for your protection

From Paypal you are directed to a convenient form where we require you input some basic information regarding your business that my team and I require to start building your Facebook Fan Page. Please be kind enough to supply a contact telephone number for one of our designers to contact you regarding the design and layout of your Facebook Fan Page.

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